Nature In The Service Of A Human

We react globally, extending our horizons to make your life healthier.
We are also present in Europe. Our main motto is flexibility. You can order exactly as much as you need from us and we guarantee that even non-standard orders will be completed succesfully!

The company is a group of people sharing many years of experience in pharmaceutical industry, both in the area of distribution of chemical raw materials and in producing medicines and diet supplements.

Our expertise, the knowledge of the pharmaceutical market and its rules were the foundations of starting the company, which would guarantee professional servies in the field of the sale of raw materials, as well as the company which would meet the needs of its clients.

  • plant extracts (we offer a wide range of dry plant extracts, of various standarisations and concentration)
  • extensions of diet supplements
  • tablet excipients
  • raw material for sportsmen diet supplements
  • special cosmetic materials

We also provide consultancy services concerning registration processes of diet supplements, cosmetics and medicines.
We cooperate with selected qualified producers, which always guarantees the same quality and regular delivery of products.

Our aim is to provide an offer which fits individual needs of our clients and to solve technological problems by selecting the best ingredients. Our commercial premises are well-prepared for offering chemical raw materials and providing our services all over the country.

  • Fresh Exported raw materials are constantly controlled to provide only fresh products for our clients
  • Healthy We obtain our raw materials from natural processes e.g. Extraction and fermentation, monitoring the most relevant parameters. We guarantee reliability of our products
  • Eco We provide raw materials with BIO certification on demand. We always do bio and eco business with passion!
  • Quality The aim of our work is high quality of our ingredients as health and life should never be questioned .
  • Flexibility We treat all clients and their needs individually
  • Fast We respect your time so we act quickly